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partner storiesBurundi coffee field

Burundi - Gahahe (2023)

Every single year we're impressed by Burundian coffees. This is our fourth year buying coffee from Gahahe, a washing station in the heart of Kayanza that serv...

create @ home recipeDark Chocolate Espresso Brownies

Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownies

Coffee is known to enhance chocolate’s flavor when baking, which means there is no more perfect of a place than brownies to use your favorite from Partners!

partner storiesA field of coffee in Colombia

Colombia - Fernando Muñoz (2023)

This is our fifth year buying coffee from Alto Naranjal, a small community high in the mountains of Nariño, Colombia. The name describes the fragrant orange groves shrouding the lower elevations—ha...

partner storiesEthiopia - Samuel Degelo (2023)

Ethiopia - Samuel Degelo (2023)

Samuel is among the 800 smallholder producers who deliver their coffee to the Bishan Dimo Washing Station. He is considered to be one of the station's model f...

partner storiesBrazil - Santa Inês (2022)

Brazil - Santa Inês (2022)

Join our Green Coffee Buyer, Sam Klein, on his recent trip visiting the producer of our December 2022 Brazilian release! This is our third and final release from this harvest, and like Santa Lúc...

partner storiesHoliday Blend: Miracle On North 6th Street (2022)

Holiday Blend: Miracle On North 6th Street (2022)

Miracle is inspired by the cozy and festive flavors of warm, spice-mulled wine. With subtle flavors of sweet orange and lemon zest, honey, ginger, cinnamon, a...

coffee journalTrip Report: Brazil 2022

Trip Report: Brazil 2022

Enjoy two entries from Sam, our Green Coffee Buyer, as he travels through Brazil planning our 2023/2024 coffee menu. Entry #1 I've...

partner storiesHonduras - San Francisco (2022)

Honduras - San Francisco (2022)

Finca San Francisco is one of several small farms owned by Roger Dominguez of Marcala, Honduras. In the last five years we've been consistently impressed with...