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Each year our Green Coffee Buyer selects extraordinary coffees to become seasonal offerings on our single origin menu. These coffees are carefully chosen to express the best that each origin has to offer and, to maintain peak freshness, are only available for a limited time.


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Our versatile summertime blend. Sale priceFrom $22.00
21 reviews
Burundi  - GahaheBurundi  - Gahahe
A bright coffee with notes of dried fruit. Sale priceFrom $21.75
55 reviews
Brazil - Santa LúciaBrazil - Santa Lúcia
A lower-acidity, heavier body cup. Sale priceFrom $18.50
36 reviews
Ethiopia - Naga SingageEthiopia - Naga Singage
A floral and delicate Ethiopian coffee. Sale priceFrom $24.00
16 reviews
Peru - Lucía MuñozPeru - Lucía Muñoz
A delightful coffee with notes of chocolate and cherry. Sale priceFrom $21.00
Rwanda - KarambiRwanda - Karambi
A lovely coffee from the African Great Lakes region. Sale priceFrom $22.00
32 reviews