Our Mission

Partners Coffee is built on the strength of our relationships at origin. We source coffee from all over the world from people we know and trust.

We recognize our responsibility to help build a sustainable supply chain that ensures access to specialty grade coffee, allowing our growing partners the financial security to improve upon their quality of life year after year.  

We believe that our producing partners are the greatest stewards of the land. Working directly with producers allows us to make large meaningful purchases, and through these purchases, we are able to continue vertically-integrated sourcing projects that provide long term sustainability. Our proudest example is El Ramo, a sourcing project that focuses on the bi-annual buying of stunning coffees from a single municipality in the Antioquia department of Colombia. Every Colombian offering on our menu from this region has been discovered through the curation of El Ramo—and the most special coffees are kept isolated and sold on their own.

By pledging to purchase non-commodity priced coffee, we are helping build a secure supply while simultaneously allowing our growing partners to invest in their local communities. Our relationships and annual purchasing of coffees strengthens the security and building of community projects, and our partners in Ethiopia and Honduras have been able to implement upgrades to local schools that will benefit future generations.


We believe in the value of a strong, vibrant community both at origin and within our own local neighborhoods. We frequently donate to local businesses, schools, and charitable organizations that promote development within our own local community.

We work with a number of national and local non-profit organizations, like SeedCo, which is dedicated to youth advancement in the workplace and provides both life and work skills training.  We hire from employment organizations such as America Works, which creates work opportunities for veterans.

We are proud of our community involvement and continue to seek new ways to grow the New York community.