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Image showing a cup of amber colored iced coffee in a glass with a straw, sitting in front of a white package of coffee with a blue and orange label reading "block party" with an illustration of new york city
brew guides

Flash Brew (Japanese Iced Coffee)

Indulge in the ultimate summer beverage with our 2023 Summer Blend, Block Party. Grab some ice and get ready to discover the art of making flash brew, also known as Japanese iced coffee. Follow our...

brew guidesInstant Cappuccino or Latte

Instant Cappuccino or Latte

No espresso machine? No problem. Learn how to make a capuccino or latte with faux-spresso using Instant Coffee. 

brew guidesInstant Iced Latte

Instant Iced Latte

Use this guide to make a rich and full-flavor iced latte with Instant Coffee!

brew guidesInstant Iced Coffee

Instant Iced Coffee

Use this guide to make Instant Iced Coffee that is full of flavor and perfect every time. 

brew guidesAeropress: Kenya Gachiru

Aeropress: Kenya Gachiru

We've tailored this extremely popular brewing method to bring out the full flavor of our newest coffee, Kenya - Gachiru. This method uses full immersion, combined with the addition of pressure to p...

brew guidesV-60 Pour Over

V-60 Pour Over

Manufactured by the Japanese company Hario, the “V60” in the name refers to the shape (V) and the angle of slope (60°). The V60 has a couple of features that make it different from other pour over ...

brew guidesAeropress


This method has become popular for use with some of the best specialty coffee, and is in fact made by toy manufacturer Aerobie. This method combines filter brewing with full immersion, as well as ...

brew guidesMoka Pot

Moka Pot

Also known as “stovetop espresso”, this method does not strictly fulfill the criteria for espresso. It does however create a concentrated product through a similar method to espresso, using steam ...