Miracle On North 6th Street (2023)

Miracle On North 6th Street (2023)
This year Miracle On North 6th Street features community lots from relationships both old and new in Colombia and Burundi:

Santa María, Huila Department, Colombia
This coffee is the combined work of many smallholder farmers in the north of Huila near the department capital of Neiva. Huila is among Colombia's more famous coffee producing regions and its favorable climate allows coffee to be harvested and shipped nearly year-round. This lot comes to us from CuatroVientos, a relatively new exporting company managed by brothers Julian and Yonatan Gonzalez.

Turaco, Kayanza and Ngozi Provinces, Burundi
This lot is the combined work of several washing stations associated with Greenco and Bugestal, our main exporting partners in Burundi. Coffee production in this part of the world is something incredible to behold: thousands of farmers make tiny deliveries throughout the harvest season, which are then carefully sorted and graded to make finished lots in quantities fit to export. The neighboring regions of Kayanza and Ngozi have some of the highest elevations in the country and consistently produce our favorite Burundian coffees.

Hafi, Muyinga Province, Burundi
Muyinga Province is home to some of the most remote coffee growing communities in Burundi. The nearest washing station is more than a day's journey, so all of the coffee produced in Muyinga is natural-processed. This lot was fermented under anoxic conditions for 72 hours before continuing as a conventional, table-dried natural. The name comes from the Kirundi word for "close," named for the farmers' desire to someday have a washing station nearby. We sourced this lot through JNP Coffee, a fabulous supplier of Burundian coffees doing inspiring work to empower women in coffee and in Burundi.

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