Minor Figures x Partners Coffee

Minor Figures x Partners Coffee

Backstory: Instead of taking an experimental approach to how coffee will be served in 100 years, we wanted to highlight sustainability, and how we can ensure we’ll all be able to continue drinking these wonderful coffees 100 years from today.

The core of our offering is the espresso, our single origin offering Samuel Degelo. Samuel’s coffee represents hope and progress for both traceability and resilience. Historically, sourcing coffees from an individual farmer in Ethiopia has been difficult. Local laws and practices are transforming to create new market access that ultimately has the potential to improve the economic well being of talented, small scale farmers like Samuel. The varieties that he and many others in the region cultivate are indigenous, high yielding, and resistant to diseases and pests. We hope to see actions in the industry—like our purchasing commitments, and new rules and regulations, that work to preserve coffees like this, not endanger them.

With the espresso you’ll find Minor Figures oat milk, fig, and rosemary. We selected figs because they are among the world’s most sustainable fruits. They have a very minimal impact on the environment, grow year round, and act as a source of food for many species. Their mutualistic relationship with wasps beautifully highlights the interconnectedness of our ecosystem. In addition to being eco-friendly, figs are resilient. They thrive amidst droughts and floods, making them vital in regions where growing food is difficult. Many regions are expected to become increasingly reliant on figs as extreme weather becomes more common due to climate change.

Similarly, rosemary grows year round, in sunny and dry climates without using heavy amounts of water to flourish. As many look to oat milk for the same reasons—a lower carbon footprint, less water used, plant-based, we believe together these ingredients represent resiliency, conscientiousness, and above all: unique and delightful flavors that we will be enjoying for many years to come. The Go Figure is an optimistic glimpse into coffee’s future, with a delicious nod to coffee’s purpose: to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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