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How Decaf is Made: The Mountain Water Process

How Decaf is Made: The Mountain Water Process
We use only Mountain Water Decaffeinated coffees in Ghost Town. Performed at the ultra-modern Descamex plant in Mexico using clear, pure water from the glacier-topped mountain of Pico de Orizaba.

A batch of coffee in the Mountain Water process is soaked in hot water to extract caffeine. Of course, this also extracts elements we want in the final coffee, such as fruity acids, sugars, and fats and oils. This solution, containing both caffeine and tasty molecules, is referred to as “Green Coffee Extract.

The Extract is next passed through a charcoal filter. The filter collects just the larger caffeine molecules, allowing the water and the tasty stuff to pass through. — now 99.9% caffeine-free.

This decaf Extract now becomes the water base in which future batches of beans are soaked. Already at the maximum saturation of the good stuff, the Extract will now dissolve just the caffeine from this second batch of beans. The cycle can then continue until an entire lot of coffee has been decaffeinated.

Not only is this method performed with no added synthesized chemicals, but it produces some of the most consistently delicious decaf possible. You’ll never get out better coffee than you put in, though. Luckily, MWP decaf allows for much smaller batches than more conventional, industrial methods. So we more frequently process smaller lots, always using the freshest coffee.

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