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Holiday Blend: Miracle On North 6th Street (2022)

Holiday Blend: Miracle On North 6th Street (2022)

Miracle is inspired by the cozy and festive flavors of warm, spice-mulled wine. With subtle flavors of sweet orange and lemon zest, honey, ginger, cinnamon, and Malbec, this special seasonal release makes a cheerful addition to any holiday gathering. 

A man in coffee pulp

Sourcing Miracle Blend

This year Miracle will feature components from both new and existing relationships in Latin America and East Africa!

Unión Ramal Santa CruzMexico: This is our first year buying coffee from Unión Ramal Santa Cruz, located in La Concordia, Chiapas. The organization was formed in 2001 by Cruz José Arguello Miceli to provide local farmers with access to better markets for their coffee production. La Concordia is situated within Mexico's El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, famous for its biodiverse cloud forests.

Finca San Francisco, Honduras: Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez of Marcala, La Paz has supplied some of our favorite coffees of the last several years. His farms Finca San Francisco and Finca La Cueva have become staples of our single origin menu, and he is also responsible for core components of Elevate and Brooklyn. Roger has proven to be extremely talented at producing clean, fruit-forward natural process coffees. He has gradually increased his production of these spectacular coffees since we first began purchasing from him.

Fazenda Santa InêsBrazil: The Pereira Family supplies core components of Flatiron, Jumpstart, and Manhattan as well as fabulous single-farm coffees like this one. Carmo de Minas is relatively mountainous for Brazil's coffee growing regions and elevations here provide the perfect conditions for the slow, steady maturation of coffee fruits. The result is a remarkably sweet, clean, and nuanced cup. 

Karambi Central Washing Station, Rwanda: This is our fourth year purchasing coffee from Karambi Central Washing Station, tucked in the mountains along the shores of Lake Kivu. Growing conditions are optimal here with good altitude, great soil, and favorable rainfall. Coffee production happens on a tiny scale here, and most producers deliver their coffee either on foot or by bicycle. This year, we participated in a farmgate initiative through the Kahawatu Foundation to contribute second, additional premiums structured to increase access to banking for rural farmers in Rwanda. 

Design Philosophy

Our new packaging for Miracle is inspired by connection - between us and our partners, as well as between our customers and their loved ones during the holiday season. The wrap tells the story of our coffee’s journey from origin, to Brookly to finally being brewed at home. It is meant to highlight the ways we can all find connection and community through coffee!

Ready for a cup of excellence?

Tasting Notes:

Orange, Cinnamon, and Malbec




492 small-scale producers | Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez | Antônio José Junqueira Villela | 755 small-scale producers

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