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Ethiopia - Naga Singage (2020)

Ethiopia - Naga Singage (2020)

The kebele of Gersi sits at the base of the Naga Singage mountain. Dirt roads weave around the slopes; arteries connecting the village to others in the Gedeo zone, to the heart of Yirgacheffe. Celebrated for the quality of the land, the quality of the coffee grown there, this region is home to perhaps the quintessential flavor profile of Ethiopian coffees. 

Smallholders in Gersi harvest this coffee. From garden settings, cultivated alongside other subsistence and cash crops, or from forest settings, where the coffee grows wild in its natural, ecologically-perfect state. The first cherry will turn red in October, but coffee plants ripen irregularly, and the picking will continue into January. From these fields and forests, there persists a clear view of Naga Singage.

There is a ceremony associated with the mountain among the Gedeo peoples. Reconciliation ceremonies, called Songo are performed here. Historically, the community would climb the mountain to seek consultation and resolution through the elders. Disputes would be presented and discussed, and the elders would find solutions for the problems of the community. 

The coffee, still as cherry, is brought to the neighboring kebele of Aricha for processing. The Aricha washing station has recently been revived after twenty years of inactivity. Already, lots like Naga Singage illustrate the strong, full potential of the station. This coffee comes to us via our partnerships with Trabocca and Testi Trading. 

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