Brazil - Isidro Pereira (2023)

Brazil - Isidro Pereira (2023)
Brazil's coffee farms are huge by global standards, and at over 720 hectares, Fazenda Isidro Pereira is fully twice the size of Central Park. It was purchased by Isidro Pereira in 1967 while his son, Luiz Paulo Diaz Pereira, was pursuing an education in agriculture. After five years, Luiz Paulo joined his father to help expand production and improve quality.

Today the farm primarily cultivates yellow catuaí, yellow catucai, acaiá, and yellow bourbon. This lot is a selection of 100% yellow bourbon, a variety we have come to love in Brazil for its soft acidity and overall sweet flavor profile. This lot was produced as a conventional natural, but the farm is equipped with a large wet mill and is capable of doing a variety of washed, natural, and pulped natural processes at scale.

Located just outside the municipality of Carmo de Minas, the region enjoys lower relative humidity, limiting winter frosts and fungal growth. Coffee is planted on hillsides up to 50% grade and the elevation is quite high for Brazil (the equivalent of 1,600-2,000 meters at Central American latitudes). This results in a slow ripening that enhances complexity and flavor in the cup.

Each year we source these lots in collaboration with Cafe Imports and CarmoCoffees, the dry mill and exporting company founded by Luiz Paulo's son, also Luiz Paulo, and nephew, Jacques. The company and their partnered farms have established an incredible legacy in the region, with their accolades including a near constant presence at the top of the country's annual Cup of Excellence competition.

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