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Product image 1Honduras - San Francisco
Product image 2Honduras - San Francisco
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 Hot on the heels of crowd-pleaser La Cueva, our friend Roger Dominguez has produced this incredible dry-processed coffee from the neighboring plot of San Francisco.

This is an amazing coffee, with an unrivaled intensity of fruit flavors, possible only with the most impeccable harvest selection and processing. Enjoy flavors of pomegranate, ripe raspberry and juicy green apple candy.

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Beyond producing a sweet and crisp espresso, the goal of Elevate is to extend the circumference of our sourcing program -- a way to explore new origins for quality coffee. Coffees like this represent the ongoing goal of the program: beginning to work with farmers capable of, and committed to, producing delicious coffee and then celebrating the finest of their work on our single-origin menu.

Finca San Francisco is one of three parcels of land inherited by Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez from his father. It is situated, like its neighbors Las Flores and La Cueva, in Marcala at over 1,300 meter above sea level (an excellent altitude for the region). The three farms are all around four hectares, and all grow a small assortment of cultivars, mainly Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra.

Roger is meticulous with his processing and passionate about pushing quality even further through experimentation and diversification of methods and techniques. These two traits dovetail with this lot from San Francisco. A rare offering of a dry-process coffee from us, this coffee represents the extreme deliciousness possible (but too rarely executed) with the method. 


Coffee Info
Source Finca San Francisco
Producer Roger Antonio Dominguez Marquez
Tasting Notes Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Green Apple Candy
Latitude 14°09'N
Elevation 1,300 meters
Region Montesillos region. Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
Variety Catuaí
Process Wet

Harvest Period

December to March 2019

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Honduras - San Francisco as Pourover

Having a cup of this coffee (pourover) as I write this... Find it a little darker roast than I expected so I have been using a slightly higher water ratio (1:16 to 1:17). Those times when I have managed to hit a consistent brew, I have found it fruity and smooth, bright and silky on the palate. I've had an easier time achieving this with the V60 than with the Stagg from Fellow.

Fantastic fruit flavor and aroma

This is exactly what I look for in a natural process coffee. Well done, again, Partners!


It's 5-star but so are all of the coffees from Partners, which speaks to quality control but not to the type of bean or processing which is where we find our preferences among equal quality products. My experience with dry-processed coffees was that they were cheaply made and used mainly as fillers to round out the expense of a blend. This one breaks the rule. I would have never expected the fruit which I thought was like a like a top tier Ethiopian. The initial aroma upon opening the bag (2 days after roast date) was so fruity that at first I was thinking maybe there might be a fermentation defect. The aroma was like a bin of the ripest fruit on the edge of being maybe overripe. That fruitiness persisted in the aroma above the grounds as I brewed (Chemex, 25g, 15:1) but mellowed when poured the cup. I definitely got raspberries. The roast is on the lighter side which is perfect for these beans, The fruitiness is well balanced by a bright, juicy acidity. It's a light bodied coffee on the tongue which reminded me of drinking very premium teas. I really liked this coffee and I hope it's available for a good long while!

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