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Brazil - Isidro Pereira (2020)

Brazil - Isidro Pereira (2020)
We've partnered with Carmo Coffees for all of our sourcing work in Brazil, from special micro-lots to core components of blends. The people, their farms, their processing, their innovations, and ultimately the quality of coffee they produce, are all unparalleled. Fazenda Isidro Pereira is the hub to their network of operations, the location of processing for many smaller farms, and the heart of their experimentations in increasing quality and productivity.
Now growing over 720 hectares, the original plot was first purchased by Isidro Pereira in 1967. His son, and current director of Carmo Coffees, Luiz Paolo Dias Pereira was pursuing an education in agriculture when the farm came into the family. After five years, he joined his father to expand production and improve quality. The estate cultivates Yellow Catuai, Yellow Catucai, Acaia, and Yellow Bourbon. The coffee is processed with the wet, dry, and honey methods. Located just outside the city of Carmo de Minas, this micro climate enjoys lower relative humidity, limiting winter frosts and fungal growth. The trees are planted on hillside slopes up to 50% grade, and the altitude (950 to 1200 meters above sea level) is quite high for Brazil -- the equivalent of 1,600 to 2,000 meters at Central American latitudes. This produces a slowly-ripened fruit with more complexities and better flavors in the cup.
This lot, our third offering from the farm in as many years, is exclusively dry-processed Yellow Bourbon, which we believe offers the best cup qualities and holds up the best over time. It comes from the most recent, 2019 harvest, and is newly landed to our warehouse.

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