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Summer Iced Coffee Spotlight - Manhattan

Summer Iced Coffee Spotlight - Manhattan

Summer is about fun in the sun, BBQs and in the coffee world all about that cold coffee life. Why not take the opportunity to try out making a brew at home! Here at Partners we are excited to play around with using our Manhattan Blend for this. A deliciously full bodied blend sourced from Brazil and Guatemala with a roast profile that highlights dark chocolate and maple syrup goodness.

The best part about coffee is you can brew however your heart desires in whatever brew method you want. And with the Manhattan Blend this definitely hits the spot for that no fuss coffee you might be looking for. We tend to enjoy it most with a touch of milk and it with this heat on the rocks. 

Some great ways to play with making cold coffee is working with brew devices you might already have. If you have a chemex or french press we’ve got some great recipes for you to try out. Also, as a little extra something why not try out our Honey Lavender cold brew with a house-made honey lavender syrup, cold brew concentrate and a splash of cream.


Iced Chemex:

Coffee: 30g

Hot Water: 240g

Ice: 120g

  • Fold filter with threefold toward the spout. Prewet filter and discard water. Set filter aside.
  • Add 120g ice into Chemex Brewer. Place filter inside chemex with threefold toward the spout.
  • Add 30g of medium ground coffee
  • Begin timer. Slowly pour 60g hot water in small circular motions.
  • Let ‘bloom’ for 45 seconds. Slowly pour 18-g water in small circular motions.
  • Target Brew Time: 2:30-3:00

French Press Cold Brew:

Coffee: 115g (4 oz) 

Cold Water: 650g (23 oz) 

Brew Specs 

  • Add 115g coarse coffee.
  • Slowly add 650g water, making sure to fully saturate all grounds.
  • Place lid on top of French Press. 
  • Do not press top plunger. 
  • Allow coffee to brew for 18 hours.
  • Once brew time is complete, carefully press plunger and pour contents through extra cloth/paper filter. 
  • Serve cold brew using 1 part coffee concentrate to 1-2 parts water or dairy/dairy free milk. Add ice.

Honey Lavender Syrup


1 cup honey

2 cups hot water

1 tablespoon lavender 

  • Steep for 10 minutes and stir to dissolve honey in water.
  • Strain out lavender pods and let mixture get to room temperature before using.
  • Store in refrigerator for multiple uses.

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