We know gifting.

Whether you're looking to send gifts to clients, prospects, or employees - our team will help you send the perfect coffee or gift bundles. Fill out the form below to get in contact with a team member today!


When you're ordering coffee this good for people, we want to make sure that they can enjoy their gift to the fullest! Partners has built out a unique program that incorporates a Coffee Expert live chat, email questions, and video tutorials.

Bespoke Bundling

We'll fine-tailor a gifting program built specifically for your recipients. We go even further by working with similarly minded third-parties for additions like chocolate, sweets, and merch.


We've been crafting coffee drinks for nearly a decade. We've tried, tested, and collected almost every accessory and piece of gear available. We know what's good and we'll only suggest the best.

We were initially sent some of this as a gift. Subsequent to that we loved it so much we bought more.


I was gifted this coffee and signed up for the subscription after the first cup. The best cup of coffee I’ve had in awhile!