Bestsellers Bundle

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Hi, hello! Friends, meet Partners. Our Bestsellers Bundle features some of our proudest work—our three most popular offerings, which together represent our oldest and strongest farm relationships. Think of it as our Greatest Hits—Vol. 1.

Classic and reliable, Brooklyn is our everyday drip coffee. Composed with three Latin American coffees contributing notes of milk chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit, it's built for easy drinking—day in, day out.

Our most traditional espresso, designed to play well with milk. A base of Brazilian coffee creates a creamy, chocolatey espresso while components from Colombia provide the structure and balance that make Flatiron shine. (Pro tip: we think it makes a great filter coffee, too.)

El Ramo
All the excitement of a single origin coffee, but sourced and constructed like a blend. El Ramo consists of seasonally rotating lots from some of our favorite producers in Colombia. It's a proud example of our sustainability goals and a sophisticated coffee we're thrilled we can offer year-round.
Grind: Whole Bean