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Rwanda - Karambi

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Located along the banks of Lake Kivu, the Nyamasheke District is Rwanda’s premier coffee growing region. The Karambi Washing Station serves 400 small-scale farmers in the local community, giving a favorable complexity to the coffees it produces.

Karambi impresses with the presence of raisin, the distinct flavor of ripe, sweet green apples and a plethora of tropical flavors. Citric notes of key lime and meyer lemon work with a cane sugar-like sweetness to suggest syrupy pink lemonade.

Coffee Info
Source Karambi Washing Station
Producer 400 Small-Scale Producers
Tasting Notes Guava, Dried Apple, Cola
Elevation 1,893 meters
Region Gitwa, Gasovu Village, Nyamasheke, Western Province
Variety Bourbon
Process Wet-Processed

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