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Colombia - Familia Rodriguez

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Familia Rodriguez represents the combined work of three brothers—Ulpiano, Jairo, and Luis—who run adjacent farms in Colombia’s Nariño department.

Grown at a high elevation of 2,100 meters above sea level, these coffees undergo a slow maturation and highly-controlled processing, which contributes to their delicious flavor profile. Bright citrus and sweet tropical fruits combine for a perfectly balanced cup with notes of sumo orange, pluot, and dark chocolate.

Colombian coffees have long been mainstays of our Brooklyn, Flatiron, and Bedford blends, so we are excited to be continually developing direct relationships with producers whose passion for growing coffee is showcased in single origin selections like Familia Rodriguez.

Coffee Info
Sources Fincas La Tormenta, Buenavista, and Trilladero
Producers Ulpiano, Jairo, and Luis Rodriguez
Tasting Notes Sumo Orange, Pluot, and Dark Chocolate
Elevation 2,100 meters
Region Alto de Naranjal, Buesaco, Nariño
Variety Caturra
Process Wet-Processed

Farm Relationship

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