Chemex Filters - 100 count

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The Chemex is still one of the most iconic coffee brewers since its invention in 1941. Using a Chemex filter results in a clean and light-bodied cup of coffee. Definitely, a must-use when brewing with a Chemex!


  • 100 ct Chemex Filters
  • Prefolded for convenience
  • Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers
  • The paper is manufactured in the USA and uses only USA materials. Responsibly harvested and conforming to SFI, FSC, and PEFC sustainable programs
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Easy clean-up. No trays, no baskets, just simply remove the filter and discard
  • Fits all CHEMEX® Coffeemakers except three cup Class Series (CM-1C), three cup Handblown Series (CM-1), three cup Glass Handle Series (CM-1GH), and the Funnex (CM-FNX)