Brazil - Alta Vista
Brazil - Alta Vista
Brazil - Alta Vista
Brazil - Alta Vista
Brazil - Alta Vista
Brazil - Alta Vista

Brazil - Alta Vista

Pear, Cocoa, Macadamia
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Fazenda Alta Vista is located just southwest of Carmo de Minas in the foothills of the Serra da Mantiqueira, a word meaning "where the mountains cry." This comforting coffee is a dry-processed isolation of yellow bourbon. Look for the familiar Brazilian flavor profile of rich chocolate and toasted nut complemented by flavors of honey and poached pear. 

Alta Vista is a stunning example of the high-quality possible of Brazil’s coffees. A dentist in his former career, producer Robson Vilela Martins has built a reputation on the level of support he provides his small staff and on the immaculate coffees that they produce together.

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Whole Bean - For homes that have a grinder to grind fresh at home, our preferred method

Drip - (Medium-Coarse) Regular coffee machines and Keurig machines

Pourover - (Medium) For Hand Brewing pourover coffee -V60s, Kalitas, etc

Chemex - (Medium-Coarse) For brewing with a Chemex

French Press - (Coarse) For brewing with a French Press

Espresso - (Finest) For brewing espresso

Cold Brew - (Coarsest) For making cold brew

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Roast Level


Roast level is based on the Agtron Scale.

Tasting Notes

Pear, Cocoa, Macadamia

Brew Methods

Filter/French Press

Robson Vilela Martins
Cristina, Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais
Yellow Bourbon
1,016 - 1,290 meters

Partner Story

Brazil - Alta Vista

Robson Vilela Martins was a dentist in his former life. By 2001, he had saved enough money to purchase Fazenda Alta Vista, satisfying his dream of owning a coffee farm. In 2007, his first harvest placed in Brazil's Cup of Excellence competition, a remarkable achievement which he has repeated...

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