You may have questions and we certainly have answers.

Whole Bean - For homes that have a grinder to grind fresh at home, 10/10 recommend for super fresh coffee

Drip - (Medium-Coarse) Regular coffee machines

Pourover - (Medium) For Hand Brewing pourover coffee -V60s, Kalitas, etc

Chemex - (Medium-Coarse) For brewing with a Chemex

French Press - (Coarse) For brewing with a French Press

Espresso - (Finest) For brewing espresso

Cold Brew - (Coarsest) For making cold brew

Fun fact, these are recommendations! You can use coffee however your heart desires. We've just found that these coffees work particularly well in these brew methods. But go off, use an Espresso Blend for Cold brewing, you might be surprised you like it!

We recommend storing your coffee in an opaque airtight container at room temperature. This definitely helps keep your coffee fresh as possible!

We have our own retail locations open, including our Flagship store in Williamsburg that has our coffee available for purchase. We also have a variety of wholesale accounts and can also be found in certain Wholefoods.

Click here to see the full list of Partners Locations.

First think about what flavor profile you like. All of our coffee have flavor notes listed to help guide folks to a preference they might enjoy. And if you have any questions use our Chat Feature to ask one of our Coffee Experts for suggestions! (edited) 

As long as coffee is stored properly, it is definitely still safe to consume. Just know that the longer coffee sits it loses some of the gases and flavor that make coffee as good as it can be!

Yes! We have Gift cards for online orders only and Gift Cards for our cafes that can be purchased in store. You can also gift bags of coffee if you are so inclined!

The best time to use coffee is up to 4 weeks after it's roast date. Good tips to store coffee is in an airtight container, room temperature and out of direct sunlight. This definitely helps keep the shelf life longer!

If you live in NYC and are able to visit our cafes, we currently sell our cold brew cans that you can easily take home! If you are out of the NYC area unfortunately we currently are unable to ship these cans but never fear you can make cold brew at home, the coffee we used for this is our Brooklyn Blend!


All questions related to our second favorite subject: shipping.

We ship to all US states, as well as Armed Forced addresses. At this time, we are not able to ship internationally. We are actively looking for a way to ship overseas that will ensure coffee freshness but we’re not quite there yet!

First, check the tracking number that gets emailed to you upon shipping. If you chose USPS and the tracking states that the package has been delivered, call your local post office. Often they have it there waiting to be claimed. If you live on the West Coast and ship UPS Ground, please keep in mind that your package will take 5-6 business days to reach you or 7-8 days including the weekend. Once the package has left the facility, it is out of our hands. If your package is lost or delivered incorrectly please reach out to