Flash Brew Recipe

The preferred brewing method to enhance clarity, brightness and fragrant aromatics for a refreshing cold coffee brew. We’re brewing up Karambi from the Rwandan Karambi Washing Station, located in the Nyamasheke district. Karambi is full of tropical fruits, with the balanced acidity of apples and melons. These complex, distinct flavors brew into a lively flash brew that's perfectly sippable all day.

Flash Brewing utilizes hot water that is poured over a bed of coffee and instantly chilled with ice located in the bottom vessel. You can achieve this easy brew by simply dividing the weight of your water in ½ and substituting the difference with ice. The recipe below will brew 12oz of flash brewed Karambi using a V60. 

V-60 Flash Brew


  • V-60 Brewer
  • V-60 Filter
  • Scale
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Freshly ground Karambi
  • Ice


  • 23 grams (medium grind)
  • 180 grams hot water
  • 180 grams ice


  1. Fold V60 filter and place into dripper. Rinse with hot water. Discard rinse water.
  2. Add ice to the brewing vessel.
  3. Add freshly ground coffee and place into the bottom of the filter. Shake dripper gently, ensuring there is a flat, even bed of coffee.
  4. Place dripper and range server over the scale. Tare the scale so it reads 0g.
  5. Slowly pour hot water, starting at the center of the coffee bed and slowly working your way out, pour in an even circular motion. Avoid the sides of the filter and try to pour directly onto the coffee.
  6. When the brew is finished, remove the dripper and discard filter. 
  7. Swirl vessel to integrate the coffee and ice.
  8. Add additional ice. Enjoy!
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