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Traceability and sustainability are at the heart of our coffee selection process, made palpable and palatable through our single origin offerings. Experience this dedication with the best that producers around the world have to offer.


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Ethiopia - Naga SingageEthiopia - Naga Singage
A floral and delicate Ethiopian coffee. Sale priceFrom $24.00
17 reviews
Sold out
Brazil - SertãoBrazil - Sertão
A comforting, nutty coffee. Sale priceFrom $16.50
33 reviews
Brazil - Santa LúciaBrazil - Santa Lúcia
A lower-acidity, heavier body cup. Sale priceFrom $18.50
38 reviews
Colombia - El RamoColombia - El Ramo
A taste of sweet, nuanced Colombian coffees. Sale priceFrom $18.50
249 reviews
A well-balanced, comfortable espresso. Sale priceFrom $18.50
162 reviews
Ghost Town - DecafGhost Town - Decaf
The only decaf you'll need. Sale priceFrom $18.50
151 reviews
Peru - Lucía MuñozPeru - Lucía Muñoz
A delightful coffee with notes of chocolate and cherry. Sale priceFrom $21.00
5 reviews