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Almond, Buckwheat Honey, and Apricot

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 Fazenda Isidro Pereira is the heart of the Pereira family, our Farm Relationship partners in Brazil. Isido Perera is the oldest farm in the family and serves as a workshop for agronomic and processing experiments.

Ripe cherry harvesting, slow and careful dry-processing, and meticulous sorting have all contributed to this coffee's beautiful flavor profile. Look for roasted almonds, sweet and rich honey, and a lingering stone-fruit finish.


Coffee Info
Source Fazenda Isidro Pereira
Producer Luiz Paolo Dias Pereira 
Tasting Notes Almond, Buckwheat Honey, and Apricot
Elevation 1,200 meters
Region Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Process Washed

Farm Relationship

Partners Story

We've partnered with Carmo Coffee for all of our sourcing work in Brazil, from special micro-lots to core components of blends. The people, their farms, their processing, their innovations, and ultimately the quality of coffee they produce, are all unparalleled. In many ways, the history of Carmo Coffee lies in the history of Fazenda Sertão.

Jose Isidro Pereira inherited Sertão in the 1940s, after the passing of his mother. This change of life ended his dentistry practice, but began an incredible tradition of coffee production in the area. Marrying Narareth, the "love of his life" and settling on the farm, the couple would raise four children who (along with their own families) continue as coffee producers and leadership in the Carmo group to this day.

Fazenda Sertão is now a 850 hectare farm, diversified in bananas, corn, soy, and dairy cattle. 330 hectares are dedicated to coffee production, where conditions are ideal. The micro climate enjoys lower relative humidity, limiting winter frosts and fungal growth. The trees are planted on hillside slopes up to 50% grade, and the altitude is quite high for Brazil -- the equivalent of 2000 masl at Central American latitudes.


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