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Roast Level: Medium-Dark
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Just like its architectural namesake, this espresso is a true New York classic. We crafted this blend specifically for NYC's go-getters. Expect flavors of dark chocolate, praline, and dates to shine through in your favorite espresso drink.

Whole BeanΒ - For homes that have a grinder to grind fresh at home, our preferred method

DripΒ - (Medium-Coarse) Regular coffee machines and Keurig machines

PouroverΒ - (Medium) For Hand Brewing pourover coffee -V60s, Kalitas, etc

ChemexΒ - (Medium-Coarse) For brewing with a Chemex

French PressΒ - (Coarse) For brewing with a French Press

EspressoΒ - (Finest) For brewing espresso

Cold BrewΒ - (Coarsest) For making cold brew

At Partners we believe freshness matters. That's why when you place an order online, you're not getting a bag pulled from a shelf. Our team adds it to a scheduled roast day (based on your order time) and your coffee is madeΒ fresh just for you.


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Please note that very rarely (due to extenuating circumstances such as volume or holidays) your order may be sometimes added to aΒ different roast than above.

Roast Level


Roast level is based on the Agtron Scale.

Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate, Praline, Dates

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