Earth Day 2022: Prospect Park Alliance x Partners Coffee

Public parks mean a lot to us here in the city. They're a welcome respite from the busyness of everyday life, filled with the opportunity to enjoy nature, relax with an iced latte on break, or take part in a weekend picnic with loved ones.

It's moments like these that have inspired us to donate a portion of today's sales to the Prospect Park Alliance (PPA) in honor of Earth Day.

Prospect Park serves as the bedrock of community for nearly a dozen neighborhoods across Brooklyn, and the PPA serves as its steward by way of public outreach, program planning, building maintenance, and landscape upkeep. We couldn’t more grateful for the role they play in our city and we support their continued efforts in caring for “Brooklyn’s Backyard”.

Now! Here is your cue to (if possible) get outside today and enjoy your local parks - and a reminder to appreciate their role in your community.

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