Honduras - San Francisco

Beyond producing a sweet and crisp espresso, the goal of Elevate is to extend the circumference of our sourcing program -- a way to explore new origins for quality coffee. Coffees like this represent the ongoing goal of the program: beginning to work with farmers capable of, and committed to, producing delicious coffee and then celebrating the finest of their work on our single-origin menu.
Finca San Francisco is one of three parcels of land inherited by Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez from his father. It is situated, like its neighbors Las Flores and La Cueva, in Marcala at over 1,300 meter above sea level (an excellent altitude for the region). The three farms are all around four hectares, and all grow a small assortment of cultivars, mainly Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra.
Roger is meticulous with his processing and passionate about pushing quality even further through experimentation and diversification of methods and techniques. These two traits dovetail with this lot from San Francisco. A rare offering of a dry-process coffee from us, this coffee represents the extreme deliciousness possible (but too rarely executed) with the method. 

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