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Coffee Journal

Tips and Tricks to Brew On the Go

When you’re used to making great coffee at home or stopping by your favorite local shop, then finding coffee of compa...

Arabica vs. Robusta - Quality vs. Quantity

If you’ve ever looked at a bag of coffee from a specialty coffee retailer, you may have encountered the word “arabic...

Beneath the Process - Natural and Washed Coffees

Let’s talk about the two most common processes for removing the coffee seed from the fruit in which it grows. These p...

What purpose do tasting notes serve?

A common question we get in our cafes is, “Do your coffees get roasted or brewed with the foods listed on your 12oz b...

Consider the Map

Are the coffees of Honduras different from those of El Salvador? You're right—totally agree! But why? Let's look at a...

Roasting and Caffeine Content

Contrarians rejoice: roasting does not affect a coffee’s caffeine content in any significant and predictable manner. ...
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